You are purchasing the most reliable spinning wing decoy available. This decoy is human powered. No batteries, wind or remotes needed.

The decoy is designed to attract birds and draw them in to your decoy spread. This is the best confidence decoy available and a must for your arsenal.


 The rotating flashing wing action of THE KNOTTY DUCK DECOY represents a landing duck or goose. The wing always returns to the neutral position, as not to flare other birds.

Operation of the KNOTTY DUCK DECOY is easy.  The action is created by pulling the main line in a smooth easy in and out stroke. It is easy to use, reliable and quiet.

The KNOTTY DUCK DECOY is built to last. The mechanism is made with stainless steel and aluminum components for years of quality use. The mechanism is 100% American made.


The KNOTTY DUCK DECOY is the best investment you can make in a decoy.

Maximize your hunt. Maximize your success. Use the KNOTTY DUCK DECOY